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Neshay’s Naturals



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Our candles are completely clean burning. This means they are devoid of parabens and phthalates. We use soy wax - most candles on the market are made with paraffin wax because they can produce the most intense scents, but are often filled with chemicals that release into your house when burned - yuck! Another benefit of soy is that it tends to have a longer burn time, a win-win!

So much love these amazing mason jar all-natural soy candles! They are made with the highest quality materials on the market and hand-poured carefully in the shop. We use eco-friendly soy wax, cotton core soy wax wicks, and the finest quality essential and fragrance oils. They are lead-free, phthalate-free, paraffin-free, and dye free. Soy candles are awesome because they burn incredibly clean and slow while throwing a wonderful scent for hours! We use the maximum amount of scent the wax can hold, so you'll surely have a great-smelling candle!

This is the same jar others are calling an 11 oz candle.

Our Candles:

♥ 100% All Natural Soy Wax
♥ 100% Lead-Free, Cotton Wick
♥ Essential Oil Infused, Fragrances
♥ Vegan, Cruelty-Free
♥ 9 oz net weight of soy wax
♥ 55 - 60 Hour Burn Time
♥ Black Lid
♥ Smooth side, 11 oz Salsa Jar

Tips & Tricks
• Allow your candle to burn for at least a few hours the first time you light it. This will create a large enough “melt pool” and ensure that your candle burns evenly and for its full life.
• Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4”. Always. I mean it.
• Be attentive. Ensure your candle is in a safe area that won’t catch anything on fire. Trust me. The fastest way to ruin a good time is by lighting the lampshade on fire.

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